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„Helene Matthia and HALA

are surprising and audacious“

- Rinus van der Heijden | album review 'HALA' |

Helene Matthia Richter is a composer,

vocal artist, visual artist and improviser from Germany - currently living and working in Rotterdam (NL).

"In its quality it is music that puts

you to work as a listener.“ 

Richard Waagenaar | concert review Farbenfroh |

Since 2014 she is writing and arranging her own compositions for unique instrumental constellations such as HALA and Farbenfroh,

with musicians from the multinational impro-scene spread over Europe

(see MUSIC).


Additionally she works

as a visual artist, illustrating the stories she is singing, as well as creating logos, graphics and album covers for her own and for other music projects

(see GALLERY).

„Helene Richter

created her own magical universe with this album."

- Eddy Determeyer | album review 'HALA' |

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